PubMed Commons

Self-archived content is available for download here (as a .zip file) as PDF versions or complete HTML versions. A permanent, immutable, and independently-generated version of the main page containing all my PubMed Commons content is available here (but all URLs were altered by the archiving service; see detailed version for more information). PubPeer also transferred all PubMed Commons content to its site.

Unfortunately, in early 2018, the United States National Library of Medicine (NLM) announced it was going to discontinue PubMed Commons (original URL , archived version ). Although many pleaded for PubMed Commons to continue (see the comments associated with those links), the NLM continued with its plan to discontinue PubMed Commons. The NLM also said all content would be available via the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) website. However, all that showed as of 2018 March 1 was a rather inconvenient .csv file, so I archived my PubMed Commons content and created this page to serve as a record of sorts.

For the main page that used to display my PubMed Commons content, I used the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine . The archived page correctly captures my PubMed Commons content for the most part. Importantly, however, all links contained in my PubMed Commons content were edited by the Wayback Machine to have “” at the beginning of the actual URL, so I would encourage interested readers to download (as a .zip file) and view the PDF versions or complete HTML versions of my PubMed Commons content if they run into any difficulties with linked content. Ultimately, I mainly used the Wayback Machine to establish a permanent, immutable, and independently-generated record of my PubMed Commons content so that anyone interested can verify the Wayback Machine version against the complete HTML versions or PDF versions.

Unfortunately, the Wayback Machine could not correctly capture the individual PubMed entries where my PubMed Commons content appears in context (with the article in question). Therefore, I saved each of the pages as both a PDF and complete HTML file, and provide them here as .zip files. Even though the Wayback Machine would not archive the individual pages correctly, interested users can still verify the PDF or complete HTML versions of individual pages against the Wayback Machine version of the main page, as the main page still contains the individual content (again, however, please appreciate the URL alteration described above that was caused by the Wayback Machine’s archiving process).

PubPeer also transferred all PubMed Commons content to its site.